How To Keep Headlights From Oxidizing – Ways That Actually Work

how to keep headlights from oxidizing

Have you ever experienced a hard time with your car headlights while driving during nights or on a chilled winter morning? A foggy headlight is just as annoying as it could be. It reduces the visibility of the driver up to 50%. We have some foolproof tips that will help you to know- How To Keep Headlights From Oxidizing.  

Reasons for headlights oxidation: 

  1. Dirt and Chemicals 
  2. Vapour
  3. Oxidation
  4. Debris in Air 

 How to Keep Headlights from Oxidizing 

How To Keep Headlights From Oxidizing

Ensure you park your car at a cool, shady and dry place. 

Cars during the daytime are vulnerable and highly exposed to sunlight. And that is not just damaging to the car’s body but also to the accessories of the car. It advised parking your vehicles under a cool & dry area away from direct sunlight and excess heat. In public places, look for a vast shady tree or a parking lot with a roof. It would be great if you own a garage at your place. But if you do not have one, you should use a protective cover for your cars. You will get this fine protection cover easily locally at friendly prices.

Clean the foggy headlights, and protect them from oxidation 

As we religiously clean, wash and polish the exterior of your car, it is equally important to clean the headlights, rear mirrors and other accessories as well. Not just any cleaning products will do the work; choose the ones that give you maximum protection and eliminate all the risks of oxidized headlights. Visit the site to explore the widest range of car care solutions. All the products from Nano Pro come with an assurance of 5x’s stronger ceramic products than any other 9h car products. The best part of buying and regular usage of Nano Pro products is that they are highly shatter-resistant with unsurpassed protection. 

Steps to use Nano Pro to keep the headlights from oxidizing and cleaner? 

  1. Visit the site to register yourself. Nano Pro sells its products to installers with a minimum experience of 3 years. 
  2. Get all the essentials ready, such as soap, gloves, masking tape, a soft cloth and water.
  3. Begin by cleaning the dirty reflectors with water and soap. Now apply and protect them with a car cleaning solution to your oxidized headlights and rinse them off with water. Clean them with a sponge or a soft cloth.
  4. For maximum protection against dust, debris and chemical etching. 

Why do Nano Pro solutions work so effectively on the oxidized headlights?

Nano Pro car care solutions are manufactured and engineered with extreme precision that fulfils each client’s requirements perfectly. Nanopro Everything Glass – Ceramic Coating for glass and headlights cleans and polishes the headlights as well as keeps it away from oxidation. It also eliminates the risks of future damage to them. 

How to protect headlights from yellowing due to oxidizing?

How To Keep Headlights From Oxidizing 

Here are some tips to keep them from yellowing.

  1. Wax the car and also apply the wax to the reflectors as well.
  2. You can ask your installer to hand polish them with a paint cleaner.
  3. Use a sealant if needed.
  4. Reduce and eliminate the usage of harsh cleaners and abrasive products on them

How can you protect the headlights from UV lights? 

The lenses on the front lights are made of clear plastic, which starts yellowing when exposed to excess sunlight. One way to protect them from UV rays is to use a UV protectant spray, and another great method is to apply a clear vinyl film on them. 

Fog is another menace that leads to oxidizing the headlights, so here is how you can prevent foggy headlights:

  1. Applying a surface protectant acts as a shield for the headlight and protects it from oxidation, UV rays, dust and fog. 
  2. Applying car wax and using plastic protectants is an excellent way to say goodbye to foggy headlights. 

These are foolproof ways, which can save you a lot of time and money; for more such car care solutions, read our other blog posts. And if you are looking for the best ceramic pro solutions for cars and marine vehicles, visit our site and find the best fit for your cars. 

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