Graphene vs Ceramic Coating vs Titanium Coating – Who’s Winning It?

Graphene vs Ceramic Coating vs Titanium Coating

What is Graphene Coating?

Graphene Coating

Graphene coatings are carbon-based nanomaterials used as a car detailing product. Many major brands sell graphene coating with ten years of protection claims. But how genuine are these reviews? Let us find out the advantages of Graphene coating compared to ceramic coating.

  • It renders a rich, deep shine, and non-stick coating.
  • It leaves the vehicle with a silky smooth finish. 
  • You can apply it on your own simply without the need for tools or experience.
  • It stands against water and water contaminants unlike any other product before.

What is Titanium Coating? 

Titanium Coating

Titanium coating AKA Titanium Nitrate is a vehicle coating used to apply on metallic surfaces exposed to robots’ weather conditions. Buying a Titanium coating can be a great option to go with to get that protection for your vehicle. Have a look at the advantages of getting a Titanium coating on your vehicles. 

  • It can resist higher temperature 
  • It gives you an increased durability
  • It has strong adhesion that sticks with your car’s body. 

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating

Nano Pro Ceramic Coating is one such brand that manufactures the best car coating that is hard and resistant to normal to unexpected scratches. Composed of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02), a source of natural materials such as quartz and sand, Ceramic Coating is winning hearts as the people’s favourite vehicle coating. A genuine ceramic coating such as the ones from Nano Pro is considered a long term investment as it gives your car paint long term protection. It forms a robust glass-like protective layer on top of the paint. 

Benefits of Nano Pro Ceramic Coating:

  • It safeguards and enhances the quality of the car’s paint by acting as its top protective layer on top of the car’s paint.                   
  • A person invests their hard-earned money in buying a new vehicle, and Ceramic Coating helps them maintain the liveliness of the spark in your car. 
  • You can see instant results with Nano Pro Ceramic Coating as it renders a glossy touch to your car’s body and keeps the paint shining as always.
  • Too much wind? Air pollution? Or rainwater? The ceramic coating acts as the perfect shield against mother nature’s fury and protects your cars against all of these. 
  • It gives you added protection against UV oxidation, chemical etching, swirl marks, and scratch marks.
  • If you use it regularly on your automobiles, you are sure to witness excellent results such as long-term protection from UV rays and other harmful materials. 

Graphene vs Ceramic Coating vs Titanium Coating – Who’s Winning It?

As you read above, Graphene and titanium still need to refine a lot more to better their effects on automobile bodies. At the same time, ceramic coating, on the other hand, cuts off all its drawbacks and offers better and enhanced level protection. No wonder it is the people’s choice in the market. 

Ceramic Coating is bang on the best product for your car’s exterior protection. Going with it is advantageous at all levels; it is super affordable, so if you are looking for long term benefits, then ceramic coating is the way to go.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for ceramic coatings with maximum surface protection with a glossy appearance, then Nano Pro has it all. All our products are safe, reliable, and applied outdoors and in horrible weather conditions. To place your orders, head up to our website. All the ceramic coatings from Nano Pro come with a warranty of 3 & 5-year. 

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