Ceramic Coating vs Sealant

Ceramic Coating vs Sealant – Choose The Right Way

Ceramic coating

Confused between the sealant and a ceramic coating? Here is the right article for you to avoid confusion and help you choose the best. Read on!

What is a Sealant?

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A car paint sealant is a synthetic-based product that gives your car’s outer surface shine and glosses along with protection from harmful, toxic elements. The users of sealant claim that they have experienced a mirror-like shine with sealant and strong protection against paint-killers like sap, acid rain, and UV rays. 

Advantages of Sealant

  • A car sealant is excellent to use when you need lustre and shine on the car’s body. 
  • It gives you a smooth finish and an excellent luxurious feel. 
  • It leaves your car with a glass-like body. 
  • It protects your vehicle against UV rays and pollution. 

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Made with super nanotechnology – a ceramic coating is the future of the automobile industry. A ceramic coating gives your car’s outer surface an invisible layer of protection against all kinds of harmful and toxic elements present in air, soil, and water. Not just that, a high caliber ceramic coating such as Nano Pro Ceramic Coating gives you acts hydrophobic and UV resistant. 

Ceramic CoatingAdvantages of Ceramic Coating

  • Keep your car as news as you took it down from the showroom. 
  • You won’t need to get constant polishing and waxing after regular usage. 
  • Your car’s surface seems shinier and glossier than ever. 
  • You can say goodbye to chemical etching. 
  • It keeps away the effects of harmful UV rays. 

What is Nano Pro Ceramic Coating?

We manufacture our own nano-ceramic coating at Nano Pro, a liquid-based polymer. It efficiently keeps the vehicle’s paint intact, maintaining its molecular level. The regular usage of Nano Pro Ceramic Coating on cars has been beneficial in protecting the car from dirt, debris, harmful UV rays, acid rain. Looking for some candy gloss on that car’s surface? Nano Pro is the way to go! 

How does Nano Pro Ceramic Coating work? 

Nano Pro Ceramic CoatingNano Pro ceramic coating contains synthetic protection agents it which provide protection from contaminants as well as a shiny and glossy finish to your vehicle by bonding to the paint. The Nano Pro ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond with the vehicle’s surface and tends to create an invisible layer of protection. They provide “permanent protection” because they can be removed only through polishing or lack of maintenance.

What are the Benefits of using Nano Pro Ceramic Coating on cars

  • It provides enhanced protection to the car’s paint. 
  • It keeps the colour glossy and shinier. 
  • It acts as an excellent shield against irreversible damage.
  • It helps maintain the brand value of your vehicle. 
  • It repels UV rays, oxidation, chemical etching, hydrochemical and scratch marks.

Ceramic Coating OR Sealant – What Is Better? 

Without a doubt, we can claim ceramic coating to be the winner amongst the two. You don’t just get an aesthetic look to your car’s body but also an abundance of protection for your car’s paint. It saves your pocket by saving your vehicle from frequent washing. It also makes the car’s body enduring to withstand all weather conditions, the perfect solution to regular commuting cars.

If you are a car detailer with three-plus years of experience in the automotive industry and are interested in purchasing ceramic coatings, head up straight to our website. You can place your orders, and we will deliver your preferred items to your doorstep. All our Nano Pro ceramic coatings come with a 3 & 5-year.

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