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Everything You Need To Know About: Ceramic Coating For Car

ceramic coating for car

Thinking about using a ceramic coating on your car? We would say it could be the best decision for your cars, only if you use them wisely. But before buying one have a read through this article to know everything about ceramic coatings. 

Ceramic Coating For Car

What is Ceramic Coating?

The talk of the town, “Ceramic Coating”, is a liquid polymer. This is a kind of car care solution that is used on the car’s surface for enhanced protection from nature’s fury such as dirt, dust, debris, UV rays and other harmful chemicals. Nano Pro is one such manufacturer of ceramic coatings and other solutions for cars and marine vehicles. All of our Nano Pro products come with a guarantee of 3-5 years and 5x stronger than any other 9H products in the market. 

Should you use a ceramic coating on your car? 

Definitely! A ceramic coating is a one-time investment for your car. Nano Pro ceramic coating works perfectly for your cars, providing you with enhanced protection and a permanent candy gloss shiny car surface. 

Ceramic Coating Gone Wrong? 

You used ceramic coating for the first time and did not have a great time with it? Or you have been using ceramic coating for a while now, but you have had some terrible experiences? Has your ceramic coating gone wrong? Here is everything about ceramic coating going wrong that one needs to know about it. Mistakes lead to bad experiences, but they also help us in getting better. Here are the top 4 mistakes that one makes while using and applying ceramic coating on cars. 

1. You used a cheap quality ceramic coating

Look for car care solutions, and you will find thousands of companies and manufacturers claiming their products to be the best. But before you fall into the trap of “The Best At The Lowest Prices”, your vehicles will have to bear the consequences. One needs to know that a ceramic coating is one kind of investment for your cars. You cannot expect an excellent finish if you brought a ceramic coating from an untrustable company. 

What we suggest

Look for your car’s requirements and explore the widest range of car care products on NanoPro. We manufacture the finest 5X stronger than any other ceramic coatings available in the market. All our products are used by customers with different requirements and have experienced a huge difference with added gloss, shine and protection to the car’s body. 

2. You used too much or too little of it!

Using too much of anything is as disastrous as using too little of it. And same goes with ceramic coatings. If you apply too little of the ceramic coating to your car’s body, then it will leave you with no results. At the same time, excessive use will also have adverse effects that will leave you with a greasy body, which sadly has no cure. 

What we suggest

When you buy nano pro ceramic, you get manuals and instructions on “how to use” the product. Follow those steps for amazing results. A tip to apply ceramic coating all over the car’s body in a circular motion with light pressure. To clean off any excess coating, use a microfiber towel and wipe it off. 

3. You messed up with high spots

You might have applied the product to your car that is higher than the actual level of the applied polymer. During the process of applying the nanoparticles of ceramic coating it absorbs in a small hole, leaving the high spots with nothing. 

What we suggest

Ensure that you leave no corners while applying the coating. Sure it will take some time, but doing it properly will give you great results. And if you are short on time, then we suggest you give your car to a mechanic store where they will do this process in 3-4 working days. 

4. You left off some streaks

You applied the coating but did not let it dry for a few minutes. If you mess up the drying time after using the coat, it will leave you with permanent marks, spots and streaks you do not want. 

What we suggest

Nano Pro Ceramic coating takes about 12 hours to dry up completely. So make sure you give it the time to dry naturally and leave you with outstanding results.  

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic coating:  

Advantages of ceramic coating

  1. It keeps your car and the car’s body as new as you brought it. 
  2. Keeps the car cleaner. 
  3. There is no need for constant polishing and waxing. 
  4. The car’s body is more shiny and glossier than ever. 
  5. You will find zero levels of chemical etching. 
  6. It is the best way to keep away UV rays. 

Disadvantages of ceramic coating

  1. Applying ceramic coating is time-consuming. 

Wanna know in detail about the advantages and disadvantages plus the worth of ceramic coating? Then head up to our detailed article on Is Ceramic Coating Worth It – The Ultimate Guide to Ceramic Coating. 

And if you are looking for the best car care solution for your cars and marine vehicles, then shop from our website. Explore from there a varied range of car care products. Nano Pro Ceramic manufactures all the products in the factory under the strict supervision of professional engineers. Each of our ceramic coatings is made of the finest materials that suit all types and brands of cars. Visit the website and register yourself and enjoy the best deals on all our products.

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